CB 3D Printer


Introducing the worlds first affordable personalized chocolate 3D PRINTER that allows you to express your feelings with chocolate gifts that fills the heart.


$99  3D Chocolate Printer

Let your imagination run wild with infinite ideas to feed your impulses of what can be created. Explore your ideas and eat chocolate at the same time. Imagine what phrases can be made and what emotions that will evoke. Or take a photo of something dear and cherished, and have that shape printed out in chocolate.

The printer is also easy to use by anyone, as you don’t need to have computer programming skills which is required for most 3D printers. It is also small enough to sit on the kitchen bench or in your hand and creates chocolate pieces that are 2inchs by 2inchs by 1inch in size.

Or choc print any one of the 100’s of template files that can be downloaded, with a growing library over time. We will also make available the option to upload your custom design files, so the whole world can download your choc image to print, or you can download other peoples files to choc print.

To use the printer (once you have your choc design), you simply heat the chocolate cartridge in the microwave or hot water, then place the cartridge into the printer and press start. A hard chocolate print is made in less than 10 min, and ready to eat instantly.

 Chocolate Cartridges: 4 for $10