• How To Paint With Watercolours

    Painting with watercolours is basically pretty simple. The process starts by adding water to your brush, add some color and get the brush on paper. It really can be
  • How To Paint Portraits

    Learning how to paint portraits from still photos is as simple as 1,2,3. It may sound like a familiar cliche, but if you think in term of using steps
  • How To Draw Still Life

    Modern still life drawings can be rendered in many different media, but all that is necessary is a pencil and paper. Some drawing paper has tooth or texture, but



How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Making tissue paper flowers have been done for years and for a variety of reasons. Not only

How To Make A Paper Airplane Jet

Making paper airplane jets with your children is one way of spending time with them while also

How To Make A Bookmark

Whatever the reason is for reading, a bookmark is a necessity to hold the place where one
Lined Paper Tee Tutorial by Maybe Matilda

Lined Paper Tee Tutorial by Maybe Matilda

I'm pretty dang excited to be guest posting on U Create, of all places, with an

Another beaded lanyard

Another beaded lanyard

I made this beaded lanyard from my stash of beads, a re-sued lanyard connector and new

Tutorial: DIY padded fabric bag handles

Tutorial: DIY padded fabric bag handles

Instead of searching high and low for bag handles that coordinate with a bag you’re making,


How To Become A Comic Book Collector

There are lots of people around us who are comic book fans and collectors. Its is something that is slowly becoming increasingly common by each passing day, it has become a fun little for some but for some it is an

How To Preserve Comic Books

Comic book collecting is a fun hobby that has been popular for many years. If you’re fortunate enough to have comic books that are old, classic, or high in value for some other reason, you’ll want to store them properly to

How To Start Collecting Wine

Collecting wine can be a fun hobby. It can also be very lucrative. You should start small and get more and better wines over time. Local wine collector groups or knowledgeable individuals can help. The following tips can get you on

How To Embroider By Hand

Finding a great hobby that is at once rewarding and fun as well as simple and easy to do is hard, embroidery however fulfills both those roles. This fun, easy to learn, and highly rewarding craft is something that anyone can

How To Hem A Dress

You don’t have to take your dress to the dressmaker to get it hemmed anymore. Hemming a dress is quick and easy, and it can make a great difference in how your garment looks and feels on you. You can learn

How To Set Up A Spinning Wheel

Properly setting up your spinning wheel is the first step that is required if you would like to spin your own yarn by hand. For centuries, spinning wheels have been used to create yarn that is then used for crochet, knitting

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